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I have always dreamed about being a Super Hero (a.k.a stuntwoman extrodinare). Having the power to fly, leap off buildings, take down 8 members of some Asian gang....... I think you get my point. 
At 6 years old I started my life in competitive dance and submerged myself in that world until I was 19. I trained in everything from Ballet to Hip-Hop to Acrobatics and everything in between. At 18 I started working in the Film and TV industry as a professional Dancer. I was extremely lucky to have been given so many opportunities. After realizing Film was something that intrigued me I began taking Acting classes in order to broaden my skills.  My experience on set left me needing more and from there I decided to follow my dream of being that super hero.
Making the decision to start focusing on Stunts felt natural yet unfamiliar. Having a background in dance some of the techniques came easily and others took time. The work put into my training has been an amazing challenge and is incredibly rewarding. Every step of my new adventure has left me feeling so grateful that I am able to follow this dream.
My goal is to enjoy my new found journey. I want to meet people who will inspire me to become my best "Super Hero", no matter how big or small the stunt may be.

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